2016 Kids Zone

Every year we try to bring back the kids activities that are a success and try to add what we think will be new and exciting. Here is a list of activities at this years Kids Zone.

Bike Parade (9:45 – 12:15)

Kids 2 – 10 can decorate their bikes, trikes and scooters in the bike decoration area and then they get to parade their creations around the park being led by a member of Calgary’s finest.

Bike Parade 450X225


Laser Tag (12:00 – 4:00)

WHAT?  You can do laser tag out door in the day? Yep, and it’s fantastic.  This one will be busy.

Face Painting/Tattoo Artist/Jelly Bean Guessing (12:00 – 4:00)

Nothing says Summerfest like getting your face painted or a great tattoo (temporary of course). Guess the number of jelly beans in a jar and win a prize.

face paint 450X225

bouncers 450X225

Bouncers (12:00 – 4:00)

The biggest and the best that can be found in Calgary. 4 different ones to choose from in all age categories. (Remember this is kids zone, no adult bouncers.)

Gerbil Balls 12:00 – 4:00

(ages 7-14)

Get inside a balloon and run around bouncing off of things. Sound like fun? Well, it is to kids 7-14.